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“What You Need To Know About Narcissists: Why Cartwheels In Bed & Circusworthy Stunts Won’t Matter”

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It won’t matter if you turned cartwheels in bed for him and performed circus-worthy stunts.

About This Book: Realizing that your partner is a narcissist is a painful and confusing experience. Oddly enough, it’s also liberating.

Finding out there’s a name for what you’ve been dealing with brings a sense of relief. Finally, an explanation for all the insanity.

After the initial shock from realizing you’re in a toxic relationship, many questions will follow.

You may find yourself desperately searching for answers.

  • Can a Narcissist change? 
  • Are Narcissists capable of love? 
  • Do all Narcissists cheat? 
  • Do Narcissists enjoy abusing their partners?

So many questions. Such an insatiable need to find out the truth.

“What You Need To Know About Narcissists: Why Cartwheels In Bed & Circusworthy Stunts Won’t Matter” answers these questions, and many more. 

After escaping her 18-year marriage to a Malignant Narcissist, Serena Prince wanted answers too.

Following months of extensive research, she began answering questions about Narcissists on Quora.

This book is a compilation of her answers to some of the most relevant questions from Quora about Narcissists and their toxic relationships.

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About The Author:

Serena Prince is a Writer/Blogger, Digital Content Creator, Humorist, and Social Media Influencer.

As a Quora Author, she answers questions on topics like Narcissists, Personality Disorders, and Understanding Human Behavior.

Her popular humor and “Pesky Narcissists” posts are widely shared around the world via social media.

A Survivor of Narcissistic Abuse, Serena is now an Advocate for victims.

She has studied the topic extensively and established herself as an Authority on Narcissists and Narcissistic Abuse.

She writes regularly about her personal experiences with the hope of Raising Awareness and understanding.

Her work is featured by many high-quality publications, including Flipboard, News Break, and Saudi Arabia’s House of Saud.

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Excerpt From “What You Need To Know About Narcissists: Why Cartwheels In Bed & Circusworthy Stunts Wont Matter.

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“This piece of invaluable work by Queen Princess Serena Prince is an epic example of kicking sand right back into the Narcissists eyeballs, and slam punching them straight into their girly parts. 

Narcissistic abuse, a topic rarely talked about, a thing that is so common. Serena shines her bright light on it. A moving-forward tome filled with scary-sad-bad-mean, and the courageous gumption of an abused soul. Abusers, users, and losers do not win in this book. Serena wins, not only rising from the ashes of near death, but raising awareness for others who may be experiencing similar abuse, or have already escaped their abuser and need inspiration and guidance to see that there is indeed more to living than merely surviving. 

Bravo girlfriend, you are a true inspiration.”

Sailor Holiday

Author of “Swanky Rebel: An Autobiographical Photo Extravaganza.”

Amazingly written!!! I’ve known Serena for quite a few years. I’ve known some of her heartache physical and emotional pains. The story of her life with this parasite is more than you can put on paper. 

Her writing is from the heart and also her bad memories. memories that hurt to the core. 

So when she says she knows the mindset of people like the narcissist that was in her life I promise she does. 

If anyone that could help you understand narcissism she can. 

A definite read if you are in the same situation.”

Regina Freeman-Bernice, La.

Thank you!! I know I will read this a few 100 times over 🙂

So happy I found you online.”

Nicole Dinsman-Kansas City, MI

“It’s wonderful, so wonderful. And a story that needs to be told so very much. I just read the whole thing, and I will refer to it as I need to, which will be daily.”

Mary Foley-New Jersey

Advocates For Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse

Serena Prince-375 Media & The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
Team Up To Help Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse
Fundraiser For Victims Of Narcissistic Abuse In Emergency Situations

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